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Your Immune System Is One
Of The Most Important Components
Of Your Body. Look After It!

A Strong Immune System Promotes a Healthy Body

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We are Robyn and John Gaudio. We have been interested in health and well-being all our life and have a passion for letting others know about how important it is to have a healthy and strong immune system.

Many, many diseases are a result from a malfunctioning auto immune system.

The main function of the immune system is to protect the body against various infections. It is the most important body component that helps in determining one’s state of health.

The effectiveness of the immune system varies from person to person. In case of a weak immune system the person is far more susceptible to infections and other health problems. 

A healthy immune system produces various antibodies that fight against germs.

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The main components of the immune system are bone marrow, antibodies, cells, lymph nodes, spleen, chemicals, thymus glands and tonsils. There are many foods that interfere with the working of the immune system and various nutrients and herbs that help strengthen the immune system.

Colostrum based products interact directly with
Stem Cells in the body supporting optimum health. Stem Cells are your protection and the body's repair kit.
They replace dead cells with new healthy ones, repair your immune system and keep it strong.

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Internal Benefits Of Colostrum*

It is antiviral, anti-fungal, antioxidant and antibacterial.
It may reduce pain, increase growth factors and burn fat instead of muscle.
It enhances lean muscle mass and may regulate cholesterol levels.
It strengthens the immune system and may enhance a feeling of well-being.
It may assist in skin, muscle and cartilage repair, aids digestion and bowel function.
It may improve alertness and concentration whilst eliminating viruses, bacteria and parasites.

External Benefits Of Colostrum*

No person is the same. Everybody may respond differently to the intake of Colostrum. But from feedback we have received it seems to assists with weight loss plus it reduces pain and symptoms of Fibromyalgia.
There are strong reports about reducing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and alleviation of diarrhea.
Many Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers have benefited from Colostrum but it definitely enhances your energy levels.
Chronic Fatigue patients seem to have finally found a way to get their energy back with consumption of Colostrum and it also assists in the healing of burns without scarring. In fact, it generally may accelerate any healing process.
As we get older, less stem cells are produced in your body. But science teaches us that "The more stem cells are circulating in your body, the better your chance for good health".
So, in order to have your body produce more Adult Stem Cells and keep it healthy, it makes total sense to take Colostrum MAX.

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